Easy sensor integration for IoT projects

Würth Elektronik is concentrating on IoT applications with its portfolio of MEMS sensors. Zephyr OS – the microcontroller operating system from the Linux Foundation now incorporates the corresponding drivers. The new application note ANR034

Wurth | 29-11-2023

Wi-Fi 6/6E modules with Bluetooth 5.4 for next-gen industrial IoT apps

Mouser now stocks the Laird Connectivity Sona IF573 Wi-Fi 6/6E modules. Expanding upon the company's comprehensive portfolio of Wi-Fi module solutions, it is now delivering the latest Wi-Fi 6/6E radio and Bluetooth 5.4 technology with its f

Mouser Electronics | 22-11-2023

Webinar on compact RF antenna solutions supporting IoT developments

Mouser will host a free webinar to assist hardware engineers in developing antenna solutions for increasingly compact IoT and smart devices. The company has partnered with Amphenol RF for the 'RF Antenna Solutions for IoT Devices and Smart

Mouser Electronics | 20-11-2023

New UBW module delivers excellent performance for size- and power-sensitive applications

Mouser now stocks the Type 2AB UWB+BLE combo UWB module from Murata Electronics, featuring both ultra-wideband (channels 5 and 9) and BLE 5.2 RF technology. Supplying low current consumption and a small form factor, the combo module support

Mouser Electronics | 15-11-2023

New supercapacitors delivering high reliability available now

KYOCERA AVX has expanded its PrizmaCap line of rugged, high-capacitance, and high-reliability supercapacitors with two new Gen II series. The new supercapacitors EDLCs supply higher capacitance, voltage, and energy density than Gen I Pri

Kyocera AVX | 15-11-2023

Portfolio agreement includes cellular and LPWAN IoT chips

Arrow Electronics has announced a distribution agreement with semiconductor, IoT systems and cloud connectivity service provider Semtech, which enables the company to market the entire portfolio throughout the EMEA region. Semtech’s prod

Arrow | 13-11-2023

SOM offers enterprise-class Wi-Fi connectivity for smart city, IoT and industrial sensors

Mouser now stocks the 60 Series SOM from Laird Connectivity. The SOM offers a low-power and compact device that can be the host SOM or a wireless communications subsystem and is easily integrated using various electronic and logical interfa

Mouser Electronics | 07-11-2023

Dual-band solution delivers secured Wi-Fi 6/6E performance for IoT applications

Infineon Technologies AG is extending its AIROC portfolio with the AIROC CYW5551x Wi-Fi 6/6E and Bluetooth 5.4 solution. The adaptable family produces secured, reliable 1x1 Wi-Fi 6/6E (802.11ax) connectivity that goes beyond the standard, p

Infineon | 01-11-2023

IoT multi-band antennas elevate vehicle and base station connectivity

Pasternack has introduced its state-of-the-art IoT multi-band combination antennas. Developed for vehicles, fleets and pivotal base stations, these multi-band antennas are set to revolutionise how industries perceive and use mobile connecti

Pasternack | 31-10-2023

Compact reed sensor offers design flexibility for IoT proximity sensing

Littelfuse, Inc. has released its latest innovative product, the 59001 Reed Sensor. This miniature D-shaped cylindrical reed sensor provides a compact size, high performance, and customisation options, making it an excellent choice for vari

Littelfuse | 30-10-2023

Smart voice UI solution enables voice user interfaces for touchless applications

Mouser now stocks the SLN-SVUI-IOT EdgeReady Smart Voice UI Solution from NXP Semiconductors. Based on the RT106V crossover MCU with integrated VIT, the SLN-SVUI-IOT EdgeReady solution enables designers to add a voice user interface for tou

Mouser Electronics | 26-10-2023

eBook offers insights into design challenges for vehicle electrification

Mouser has launched a new eBook in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors about pushing boundaries in the automotive, industrial and IoT, mobile, and communication infrastructure markets while providing solutions that advance a more sustaina

Mouser Electronics | 25-10-2023

Practical guidance for innovators with accelerated IoT application development

Mouser will be organising a free workshop to help engineers developing IoT applications to accelerate their projects with secure IoT cloud deployment. The company has partnered with Würth Elektronik to hold a limited space 'Build A Secure R

Mouser Electronics | 24-10-2023

Power supply in 2" x 3" conduction-cooled package

Traco Power has released its new TCI 130 series of conduction-cooled 130W enclosed power supplies, measuring only 2.35" x 3.15" x 1.7". The series comprises three single output models with 12, 24, or 48VDC outputs and are created to maxi

Traco Power | 24-10-2023