Rob Coppinger

Rob Coppinger is a freelance science and engineering journalist. Originally a car industry production engineer, he jumped into journalism and has written about all sorts of technologies from fusion power to quantum computing and military drones. He lives in France.

3D Printed and Laser Cut Respirator Designed for COVID-19

Laser cutting and 3D printing have been used to make a personal respirator that could be used worldwide to protect doctors and nurses tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. At the beginni


Environmental sustainability technologies to benefit from green bond

Clean transportation, renewable energy, sustainable water and circular economy adapted products could benefit from the net proceeds of a $400 million green bond issued by Analog De

Environment | 22-04-2020

Microfluidic Technology May deliver Cheap, Easy Coronavirus Test

Testing is an important part of the World Health Organization’s strategy for defeating the global pandemic of the new coronavirus and microfluidics, also known as a lab-on-a-chip,


Full Power, Reduced Size: GaN Adapters Offer Up to a 250% Increase in Power Density

Gallium nitride (GaN) enables smaller, lighter, more efficient desktop AC-DC power supply series for portable products. Gallium Nitride (GaN) is a wide bandgap semiconductor. When


Squishy Low-Cost Sensors to Monitor Stroke or Sporting Injury Victims

Reliable, portable, rubber bonded low-cost electrical components could be fitted to stroke or sports injury victims’ bodies as part of their rehabilitation at home. Imperial Colleg


Wideband Transceiver Signals Better 5G Base Stations

An industry-leading 5G digital platform and a world-class wideband radio frequency (RF) transceiver technology are expected to deliver fully optimised 5G base stations solutions. 


Particle accelerator on a microchip to kill cancer cells

A microchip particle accelerator that pushes electrons to 94% of the speed of light could be used for treating cancer or aiding research in biology or chemistry. Medical X-ray mach


Driving to be Safer with In-Car Monitoring

In-car LIDAR and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect driver gestures and drowsiness are being developed by Cisco Systems spinout Jungo Connectivity using Analog Devices’ technol


ADI and Hyundai Launch All-Digital Road Noise Cancellation System Collaboration

Hyundai’s Road-noise Active Noise Control (RANC) system is to use Analog Devices Inc’s Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) technology for an industry first all-digital offering.  Hyundai’s