Thixotropic system offers single component dual cure epoxy

05-12-2023 | Masterbond | Test & Measurement

Master Bond UV23FLDC-80TK is a moderate viscosity, cationic type system that provides UV light and heat curing mechanisms. It cures readily within 20-30 seconds when exposed to a UV light source emitting a 320-365nm wavelength. The adhesive can also undergo secondary heat curing for shadowed areas, typically curing in 60-90 minutes at 80-85C. The system's adaptability to various depths and applications, such as encapsulation and bonding, improves its versatility.

The epoxy has a viscosity of 25,000-50,000cps and is highly thixotropic, which is beneficial for applications with minimal flow. It has a low tensile modulus of 250-500 psi and a high elongation of 90-100% at room temperature. Its toughness and flexibility permit it to withstand rigorous thermal cycling, making it ideal for applications where low stress is critical. The system features exceptional electrical insulation with a volume resistivity exceeding 10<sup>14</sup>-Ohm-cm.

The epoxy is not susceptible to oxygen inhibition. It bonds well to metals, glass, ceramics and many plastics, including but not limited to acrylics and polycarbonates. It has a service temperature ranging from -80F to +300F. It is provided in various packaging options, including syringes, half-pint, pint, quart and gallon containers.

By Seb Springall