M12 connectors suited to AC and DC applications in factory automation

07-12-2023 | Binder | Industrial

binder has expanded its M12 portfolio by adding K- and L-coded over-moulded cable connectors of the 823 and 824 series, created according to UL 2238. These are mainly intended for the power supply of field devices in automation technology. Here, electrical power transmission via compact M12 interfaces has become a fundamental requirement. The connectors supply a compact alternative to power connections using 7/8" technology.

The K-coding indicates five-pin connectors for AC supply of, e.g., drives or frequency converters. Target applications of the five-pin connectors with L-coding also include DC miniature drives, decentralised I/O modules, and other automation components supplied with DC voltage in field bus systems. The K-coded products of the 824 series with screw locking are characterised by their ampacity of up to 12A per pin under continuous load at rated voltages of 630V(AC), respectively. The L-coded products in the 823 series have a rated current of 16A and a rated voltage of 63V (DC). Gold-plated contacts ensure reliable current transmission. The fully over-moulded connectors protect the interface according to IP68.

The swift and seamless introduction of new products to the markets of various world regions is an increasingly important competitive demand. Export to North America, for example, demands conformity to US safety regulations. This can be proven by certification from a qualified and recognised test laboratory. With the UL approval from Underwriters Laboratories, manufacturers of electromechanical connectivity products can demonstrate that their components meet the safety requirements for North America. Interfaces designed for rated currents up to 16A and rated voltages up to 630V need approval, according to UL 2238. UL 2238 certification is currently in preparation.

The K- and L-coded over-moulded M12 cable connectors were developed in conformance with IEC 61076-2-11 for use in industrial-automation environments. Therefore, product designers and installers are supplied with a robust and variably applicable interface technology that provides reliable power transmission to AC and DC field components even at high ambient temperatures. The IP68-compliant interfaces have a protected seal within the M12 socket, and the M12x1 thread is equipped with an anti-vibration lock. Furthermore, connection cross-sections up to 2.5mm2 are obtainable.

By Seb Springall