FPGA reference board for industrial edge and TSN applications released

08-12-2023 | Arrow | Industrial

Arrow Electronics has released the Cyclone 10LP Refkit INDUSTRIAL to speed up the development of smart and connected solutions for diverse applications, including IIoT, automation, communications, computing, and smart energy.

Building on the existing commercial Cyclone 10LP reference kit, the company has worked with technical collaborator Trenz Electronic, co-developer of the commercial board, to reinforce the design for industrial deployments.

The new board packs 128MBit onboard Flash to host complex and flexible applications and is ideal for applications involving industrial Ethernet connection and TSN. All Flash and DRAM chips are specified industrial temperature grade, and the Intel Cyclone 10 LP 10CL055YU484I7G FPGA at the heart of the board is a fast-speed grade, industrial-temperature rated device. The FPGA contains 55,000 logic elements and 156 DSP blocks, with 2.34Mbit embedded memory and 321 I/Os for designers to configure and use in their applications.

The company supplies flexible support services for customers using the kit, including help with custom PCB modifications, creating alternative form factors if required for fitting, integrating alternative devices on the board, and unleashing the potential of the Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA onboard. The board targets industrial and embedded applications with extensive features and performance for edge applications, low power consumption, high efficiency, and capacity to host AI algorithms.

By Seb Springall