Extended terminal block connector series offers screwless alternatives and THR versions

04-12-2023 | Wurth | Industrial

Würth Elektronik extends its WR-TBL series by screwless push-in connectors in the 3.5mm and 3.81mm pitches. The new 4101, 8101, 4093, and 8093 series come close to matching the specifications of the screw-fixed connectors and can replace them. Another significant feature for customers with SMT-dominated production lines: The THR series 8101 and 8093 are created for soldering in the reflow oven.

The housing of the connectors in the series is produced from a high-temperature plastic, the pins are shorter in length, and the connectors are supplied in automatically processable belt format. The 4101 (THT) and 8101 (THR) series in the 3.5mm pitch are obtainable with horizontal, vertical, and 45° cable entries. The 4093 (THT) and 8093 (THR) series in the 3.81mm pitch have a 45° cable entry.

The terminal blocks are offered from stock with two to 12 pins. 13- to 24-pin connectors can be provided on request. All the series named have cULus and VDE certification.


By Seb Springall

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