Durable relay switches offer high power handling over high frequencies

03-11-2023 | Pasternack | Industrial

Pasternack has introduced its trailblazing quartz fusion series of surface-mount electromechanical relay switches. The modern design with advanced technology showcases a blend of functionality and resilience in a sleek, surface-mount package, addressing an extensive frequency range to 26GHz.

The engineering excellence of the series delivers optimal performance across multiple benchmarks. Its capabilities extend from robust power handling, reaching up to 40W during hot switching scenarios, to its oxidation-resistant gold-plated mounting surface, providing durability and long-term connection reliability.

Embedded within each unit of this series are failsafe actuators designed to operate seamlessly at 12V and 24V. The commitment to durability is further highlighted by the switch's resistance to adversities, varying from sine vibration to rigorous mechanical shock.

This quartz fusion series offers adaptability, enclosing a vast array of frequency bands and providing its applicability from VHF and UHF to the intricate K band. Its impressive lifecycle rating of 5M is a testament to the company's dedication to creating enduring products.

Beyond longevity, the series delivers superior signal quality with its low insertion-loss rates, hovering around 0.2dB maximum, combined with high isolation levels exceeding 50dB. With the swift average switching time of just five milliseconds and its micromechanical blueprint, installations have become more efficient, making it a cost-effective option for consumers.

"The quartz fusion relay switch series embodies our drive to deliver best-in-class RF solutions while upholding our commitment to environmental sustainability," said product line manager, Kevin Hietpas.

By Seb Springall