World's smallest and thinnest 1µF as LW reversed MLCC for automotive

31-10-2023 | Murata | Passives

Murata has extended their lead in manufacturing MLCCs for automotive applications by releasing its LLC series. The components provide a reversed termination for low ESL and are in a world-first 0.18mm profile package. The footprint is only 0.5mm x 1mm for 1µF capacitance, making the parts the smallest in the market.

The series uses the company's proprietary thin-layer forming and high-precision lamination technology, together with advanced material atomisation and homogenisation techniques, to achieve about a 20% reduction in component height compared with existing parts. This opens up the potential to more easily fit the capacitors on the back-side of PCBs, even among solder ball terminations, locating the parts in optimum positions for decoupling of processor power rails close to the die. This, in turn, allows fewer capacitors to be used, saving cost and increasing system reliability.

Along with their low ESR, the reduction in ESL attained decreases the high-frequency impedance of the capacitors. This improves circuit performance to meet the requirements of modern, low-voltage, compute-intensive applications such as automotive ADAS.

The automotive-grade series complies with AEC-Q200 requirements, passing the 1000 temperature cycle test and temperature/humidity endurance test of 85C at 80-85% humidity for 1000 hours.


By Seb Springall

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