Rapid deployment inflatable EMI shielded RF enclosures

12-09-2023 | Saelig | Industrial

Saelig Company, Inc. has released the Select Fabricators Series 700 EMI Enclosures – reliable, portable, and lightweight RF and EMI shielding enclosures in standard sizes with a fast-up inflatable frame, ready for operation in less than 60 seconds. For some customers, a rapid deployment of EMI enclosures is vital. While aluminium frame tents can deploy in 10-15 minutes, occasionally, that is too long, and the solution is the new enclosures. The new solution changes everything in the world of RF and EMI-shielded enclosures. The series applies the same level of RF security acquired with previous RF/EMI shielded enclosures but now made more portable and with a new inflatable frame that deploys in under 60 seconds.

Easily transported, the new inflatable design also enhances the capability to store the enclosure and to ship it, whether conducting field tests, having to shield sensitive equipment during transport, or needing an instant RF-shielded communication centre. The lightweight nature of the inflatable frame indicates that this RF-shielded enclosure can be taken anywhere without the concerns of a separate bulky metal frame.

RF and EMI shielding should be effective and convenient, and this new enclosure does not sacrifice either. NOVA Select conductive fabric ensures that equipment remains protected from, or emits, harmful interference, and, with an inflatable frame, it is straightforward to transport this shielding solution anywhere it is needed.

The lightweight enclosures suit customers in defence operations, secure communications, mobile testing, portable medical equipment, and emergency response.

Standard sizes of 5′ x 5′ x 7′ or 7′ x 7′ x 7′ are immediately available, but custom sizes are also possible.

Select Fabricators, Inc. makes these high-attenuation enclosures for the company.


By Seb Springall

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