Automated software test solution for multi-platform mobile app testing

04-09-2023 | Keysight Technologies | Industrial

Keysight Technologies has released Eggplant Test 7.0, an enhanced version of the automated software test solution with powerful integrations that allow QA teams to test mobile apps simultaneously on multiple devices and operating systems.

Mobile apps have become ubiquitous in modern digital life, assisting everything from e-commerce and digital health to home security and business process management. However, users will likely find an app useful if it is smooth and easy to use. With the myriad of device and operating system combinations, testing mobile apps before they are released is more critical than ever. QA teams need automated tools to quicken the validation of app compatibility, functionality, usability, performance, and security across multiple device configurations.

The company's Eggplant Test 7.0 fulfils this challenge with integrations that can test more than 7,500 operating system and device combinations through Sauce Labs' Real Device Cloud. The latest version of Eggplant Test provides QA teams with advanced collaboration features, seamless integration with continuous integration tools, and the capability to connect with virtualised applications. These capabilities collectively allow automation, acceleration, and mitigation of risks inherent in manual testing to enhance the testing process.

New enhancements to the test platform include instant test execution, lightning-fast results, version control integration, continuous integration, active directory single sign-on integration, enterprise-grade visual verification tools, and enhanced collaboration.

Gareth Smith, general manager, Saoftware Test Automation, Keysight, said: "Eggplant Test 7.0 empowers teams to conquer complexity by simultaneously testing mobile apps across over 7,500 operating system and device combinations. By harnessing the power of Sauce Labs' Real Device Cloud, we eradicate the constraints of costly device labs, unleashing instant test execution. Through seamless integrations like Git, Citrix, Active Directory, and continuous integration tools, we pave the way to unparalleled success through true end-to-end testing. With Eggplant Test 7.0, we are shaping a future defined by seamless, comprehensive testing."


By Seb Springall

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