One-piece second-generation connectors for complex stack-ups in 5G systems

24-08-2023 | Powell Electronics | Industrial

Powell Electronics offer the second generation one-piece GDBC direct board contacts from Gigalane. This simple one-piece design of the components allows a high integration and miniaturisation of board-to-board and board-to-module RF interconnections. The series contacts are easy to use in the assembly as they need no SMT. They deliver the lowest total cost of ownership on the market and are an excellent solution for multiple connections and complex stack-ups in 5G systems.

Technical details of second-generation contacts include a frequency from DC up to 8.5GHz, impedance of 50-Ohm, insulation resistance of 5000MOhm and a dielectric withstand voltage of 750Vrms. VSWR is 1.12:1 at 3GHz, 1.22:1 at 6GHz and 1.35:1 at 8.5GHz.

By Seb Springall