Avoiding frequency loss in communication systems with SMA cable assemblies

24-05-2023 | Amphenol | Industrial

Amphenol RF has expanded its pre-configured cable assembly portfolio with SMA assemblies on low-loss LMR-100A cable manufactured by its sister division, Amphenol Times Microwave. The full company solution uses its popular SMA connector interface, which provides a threaded coupling mechanism for a secure and reliable connection, which complements the low-loss nature of the LMR-100A cable type. LMR-100A cable can readily replace RG-174 and RG-316 in wireless communication systems requiring an easily routed low-loss RF cable.

These SMA cable assemblies are created with brass bodies and contacts, providing excellent electrical performance up to 12.4GHz. They are obtainable in a straight-to-straight plug (male) configuration in various standard lengths up to 3m, with custom lengths available upon request. These cables operate from -40C to 85C and are engineered with a foil shield as well as the standard braided shield for extra shielding capabilities.

Low-loss SMA assemblies are ideal for GPS navigation, WLAN, and RF antenna connections. These cables add a rugged collection of SMA cable assemblies on most industry-standard cable types to support existing and emerging technologies across markets.

By Seb Springall