New ecosystem partners accelerate design cycle of video and AI edge devices and IoT

24-02-2023 | Infineon | Industrial

Infineon Technologies AG has added five new platform and module partners to support its high-performance AIROC CYW5459x Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo portfolio. Further partners include module partners Murata Electronics, AzureWave, Quectel Wireless and platform partners NVIDIA and Rockchip Electronics Co. With these new partners, end customers can speed up the development cycle and lower time-to-market for their end products.

The company's CYW5459x and partner solutions provide high-performance IoT applications with robust connectivity in congested environments while sustaining extended range of seamless video, audio and data streaming. Its CYW54590 and CYW54591 devices also decrease overall system power consumption and function in harsh temperature environments. The embedded network intelligence agent enables customers to monitor network health and generate actionable decisions remotely through the cloud.

"The combination of the enhanced features offered by CYW5459x and our extended partner support improves the user experience for teleconferencing, audio and video streaming cameras, industrial automation and AI-enabled devices," said Sivaram Trikutam, vice president, Wi-Fi Product Line, Infineon. "With these new capabilities, customers can be assured that their live-streaming applications will work in some of the most congested environments, and their time-to-market will be reduced."

The collaboration with ecosystem partners NVIDIA and Rockchip enables customers to integrate Artificial Intelligence and immediate "decisions" at the edge to their devices. Global-certified modules from Murata Electronics, AzureWave and Quectel Wireless significantly shorten customer design cycles by three to six months and reduce overall cost for regulatory certification.

"As the world's leading IoT processor supplier, Rockchip has various product lines with processors that bring exceptional value to customers with Infineon's AIROC CYW5459x," said Zhengyuan Lin, vice president, Rockchip. "Rockchip is very delighted to collaborate with Infineon, and looks forward to future collaborations with the CYW5459x."

"As video, audio and data streaming applications continually increase, we need to find more solutions to support our growing requirements for always-on service for live streaming applications," said Akira Sasaki, general manager, Connectivity Module Marketing, Murata. "Our collaboration with Infineon on the CYW5459x portfolio will enable us to provide our customers with exceptional seamless and reliable Wi-Fi connections for audio and video streaming services—quickly and more cost effectively."

"AzureWave is a market leader in providing reliable design, manufacturing and software services of wireless module solution," said Patrick Lin, vice president of Product Marketing, AzureWave. "We take pride in shortening customers' development process and time-to-market with miniaturization technologies, multifunctional designs, eco-friendly functionalities, and a wide range of platforms and OS supports. With Infineon high-performance, low-power Wi-Fi solution, we satisfy customer's expectations with high-quality products, optimized designs and exceptional services," said Patrick Lin, Vice President of Product Marketing, AzureWave.

"We're delighted to announce that our FC80A high-performance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module based on Infineon's AIROC CYW5459x platform is available for the global market," said Norbert Muhrer, president and CSO, Quectel Wireless Solutions. "Featuring ultra-compact size, low power consumption, 2.4GHz and 5GHz RSDB (Real simultaneous dual band) and Bluetooth 5.1, the FC80A can be easily embedded into size-constrained applications to provide reliable and high-speed data transmission. It is an ideal solution for consumer applications including VR, video streaming devices and more."

By Seb Springall