Major new enhancements to test suite for C standard libraries

08-12-2022 | Solid Sands | Industrial

Solid Sands has announced a major new update to SuperGuard, the world's first requirements-based test suite for C standard libraries.

Based on the experience of SuperGuard being employed in many library qualification projects and as valuable feedback from a variety of users, the update now includes many extra and unique features. The main enhancements comprise 200 extra tests to improve code coverage, extensions of many test files and support for the C11 and C18 standards such that it now can handle the complete range of C standard library versions. The report generator can now create reports for the freestanding subset of the C standard library.

SuperGuard was designed to provide developers of safety-critical applications with a suite of professional tools for library qualification. The suite provides safe use of the C standard library in such applications by offering full traceability from individual test results back to needs derived from the ISO C language specification. It is excellent for qualifying unmodified third-party C library implementations and self-developed or self-maintained implementations.

Remi van Veen, qualification lead engineer at Solid Sands, says: "With this update, SuperGuard now verifies all versions of the C standard library specification, not just a subset that is commonly used or a subset that fits on a restricted embedded target. SuperGuard was already significantly ahead of any other requirements-based test suite for the C standard library; this update widens its scope and takes it to another level. There is no other suite like it on the market today."

By Natasha Shek