Experiencing the artistry behind in a digital form with professional monitors

30-11-2022 | ViewSonic | Industrial

ViewSonic Corp exhibited the winning photography and artworks from the 2022 ColorPro Award Global Visual Arts Competition in London, UK, from November 25 to 26, 2022. Employing over 20 ColorPro professional monitors, the top 20 winning photography and top 10 digital artworks centred on the theme 'Breakthrough' are displayed on the ColorPro VP68a series and VP2756-4K professional monitors, showing how technology can render art with the highest precision colours visual technology.

By hosting the global competition, the company aims to inspire people to express themselves through art while building a global community for creators to engage with each other. Workshops that bring creators and photography masters together were held throughout the exhibition. Meanwhile, the latest VP series, including the Fogra-certified VP2786-4K, VP2776 and the upcoming VP16-OLED portable display.

Validated by Pantone, the ColorPro VP68a series and the VP2756-4K of VP56 series deliver realistic, vivid, and faithful colour results with top-tier colour accuracy for discerning content creators, bringing the highest quality colour calibration possible.

The four models, including the TIPA award-winning VP2468a, VP2768a, VP2768a-4K, and VP3268a-4K monitors, are all offered with a colour blindness feature for colour deficiency tested by TÜV SÜD. Improving the ability to successfully identify the colour differences from 70-75% (on average) to 90% allows designers to create and verify their artwork for people with CVD issues.

To assist all creators in visualising and realising their ideas, the ColorPro VP2756-4K monitor features a 4K UHD frameless screen. The wide range of applicable working modes makes video and photo editing effortless.

The Auto Pivot function allows creators to toggle between full-sized portrait and landscape photos with a simple monitor rotation. And the vDisplay Manager provides split-screen functionalities for simultaneous viewing and editing, perfect for videography and photography who need to play with different creative ideas and angles.

By utilising the cutting-edge OLED technology, the 15.6" VP16-OLED portable monitor can deliver true Black with HDR400 and 1.07 Billion colours (10Bit) and a 100% DCI-P3 Pantone Validated colour coverage with Delta E<2 as the colour quality guarantee.

The VP16-OLED won the distinguished GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2022 in the 'Special Award' category for its outstanding colour performance and sophisticated design.

Constructed with a 100% Adobe RGB colour gamut, the 27" UHD display VP2786-4K delivers true-to-life colour reproduction on all digital and print mediums. The cinema-grade 98% DCI-P3 colour space offers a larger range of colour precision for true-to-life outputs. It has received Fogra and Idealliance certification as a guarantee for precise screen-to-paper colour accuracy and flawless soft proofing.

The ColorPro VP2776 monitor has a wide range of powerful colour calibration tools and pro-creator features. The VP2776 monitor features a ColorPro Wheel with a built-in colour calibrator for long-term colour accuracy and a wide Mac-compatible colour gamut. The detachable Magnetic Shading Hood can block out external glares for higher contrasts and sharper details. The built-in ambient backstage light is also perfect for video or photo editing in darkroom environments.


By Seb Springall

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