Exhibiting latest SRAM, DRAM, eMMC and Flash memory ICs

09-11-2022 | Alliance Memory | Industrial

Alliance Memory will highlight its latest SRAM, DRAM, eMMC, and flash memory ICs for the communications, embedded, IoT, computing, industrial, and consumer markets at electronica 2022.

"It's hard to believe it's been four years since electronica was last held," said David Bagby, president, and CEO of Alliance Memory. "In that time, we've been extremely busy expanding our portfolio of memory solutions, whether it's bolstering our lineup of DDR3 SDRAMs or adding new products like DDR4 SDRAMs and eMMCs. We can't wait to meet up with our valued distributors and customers to show them what we've been up to and how we continue to be their trusted source for a growing range of must-have memory ICs."

The company will showcase eMMC solutions that combine NAND flash memory with an eMMC controller and FTL management software in a single package for solid-state storage in consumer, industrial, and networking applications. The devices ease designs for fast and easy system integration, speeding up product development and time to market whilst saving space by eradicating the requirement for an external controller. The solutions are compliant with the JEDEC eMMC v5.1 industry standard and offered with densities of 4GB and 8GB.

Built on a finer process that produces a smaller chip than its original 4GB DDR4 SDRAMs, new 'A' die versions will be on display, delivering improved performance with lower power consumption down to +1.2V (±0.06V), faster clock speeds to 1600MHz, and higher transfer rates to 3200Mbps, at a reduced cost. The devices are excellent for the industrial, gaming, networking, telecommunications, and consumer markets, for which the company uses a dual-sourcing strategy to provide supply longevity. Also, it provides a 16GB Micron Technology DDR4 SDRAM for multiple applications.

It will highlight 3V and 1.8V multiple input/output serial NOR Flash memory products created to offer supply continuity to Micron Technology customers using discontinued devices. These products combine fast read performance up to 133MHz with fast program and erase times. Offered in 8-pin SOP wide body (208mils) and 8L WSON (6mm x 5mm) packages with densities of 64Mb and 128Mb, the devices deliver reliable, long-term performance with high program/erase cycles and long data retention.

The company will show its DDR3 (1.5V) and DDR3L (1.35V) SDRAMs, which include 512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb, and 8Gb devices in x8/x16 bus widths, provided in 78-ball and 96-ball FBGA packages across automotive, commercial, and industrial temperature ranges. Providing a double data rate architecture for very fast transfer rates of up to 2133Mbps/pin and clock rates of 1066MHz, the devices supply reliable drop-in, pin-for-pin compatible replacements for various similar solutions employed in conjunction with newer-generation microprocessors for industrial, consumer, medical, networking, telecom, aerospace, and automotive applications.

electronica 2022, Hall C3, Stand 328, 15-18 November 2022.


By Seb Springall

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