Ultra-small lead-free 0603 fast-acting thin-film fuse

28-07-2022 | Littelfuse | Passives

The Littelfuse 494 Series Fast-Acting SMF is an ultra-small (0603 size) thin-film device developed for secondary protection of circuits employed in space constrained applications, including hand-held portable electronic devices. This series is 100% lead-free and meets the requirements of the RoHS directive.

The product is compatible with lead-free solders and higher temperature profiles. The high-performance materials provide improved performance in elevated ambient temperature applications. The device is marked on the top surface with code to enable ampere rating identification without testing. It offers low profile for height sensitive applications and has a flat top surface for pick-and-place operations. The element-covering material is resistant to industry standard cleaning operations. The mounting pad and electrical performance are identical to the 431 and 434 Series products. The device's alloy-based element construction offers superior inrush withstand characteristics (I2t) over ceramic or glass-based 0603 fuse products.

Typical applications with secondary protection for space constrained applications include cell phones, battery packs, digital cameras, DVD players, and hard disk drives.

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