Motion controller offers a compact solution for complex motion control applications

27-05-2022 | Panasonic | Subs & Systems

Panasonic Industry offers the GM1 first motion controller in its comprehensive lineup: it combines features of motion functions with the functionality of a PLC like positioning, network modules, I/O modules, and a high-frequency counter in one compact controller.

Since these modules are combined into the GM1 motion controller, the space-saving 'all-in-one' solution lessens the occupied space in the cabinet. It provides for response times to be as low as 0.5ms.

The motion controller houses two independent ethernet ports, Ethernet/IP and Modbus-TCP, an SD memory slot for 32GB cards, a two-channel highspeed counter (4Mhz/8Mhz), and a four-channel PWM output (100kHz).

Thanks to command cycles of just 0.5ms, the quick response capabilities of the device are state-of-the-art and render the motion controller an excellent solution for demanding applications.

Compared to PLCs, the device is specially made for motion applications like labelling, current control, rotary knife, flying shear, palletiser, crank, cam motion, or print mark control.

Moreover, as a core feature, the device comes with AFB, which allows quick and easy setup for predefined functions and reduces programming time and subsequent costs.

The GM Programmer programming tool is based on Codesys IEC 61131-3 automation software and permits programming with PLCOpen Standard Functions and a G-Code Editor.

The device also offers an integrated axis configuration tool that enables quick and precise programming of up to 32 axes via PANATERM Lite for GM.

For the integration in an Industry 4.0 environment, it is equipped with OPC UA client and server functions.

The device combines motion and drive controls in one space-saving unit. It is specially developed for motion control solutions, where high precision, like interpolation control and sensitive response requirements, are essential. These features accomplish high-speed and high accuracy for applications like press-fitting, printing, moulding, or packaging machines.

The device is fully compatible with the comprehensive automation portfolio like controllers, motors, or the MINAS A6 and MINAS A6 Multifamily.