Disciplined OCXO with extended holdover

16-05-2022 | IQD | Subs & Systems

IQD offers the IQCM-200, a disciplined OCXO, including sync to a 1PPS input and a 1PPS output. Its impressive holdover stability and accuracy make this particular product an excellent disciplined OCXO.

The device is part of a series of disciplined OCXOs. This particular model is the smallest sized OCXO able to achieve a holdover capability of 1.5µs over 24 hours, indicating you can rest assured your devices can continue to work with incredible accuracy through a holdover period.

This ‘best in class’ holdover stability of up to 1.5μs over 24 hours over 0-60C and 25µs typical in ten days at 25 ±2C is accomplished using an adaptive algorithm. The algorithm's internal parameters, including maintenance alarms and message functions, are offered to the user through a serial interface. Frequency stability better than ±0.02ppb is feasible.

Due to its outstanding holdover times, this product is ideal for applications requiring an accurate time reference, Telecoms LTE and 5G timing, PTP GM clocks with the needed IEEE 1588 holdover support, and within White Rabbit applications. This model will be an outstanding asset to power sector products that need increased holdover times due to the emerging changes and conditions within this sector. The device is compliant with MiFID II, and an IQCM Evaluation Board is also offered for this series.

By Natasha Shek