Current sensing resistor for high power sensing requirements just launched

23-05-2022 | Stackpole | Passives

Power electronic engineers continue to demand higher power, lower values, and greater precision. Most common resistor technologies cannot sufficiently satisfy all three demands, but Stackpole Electronics' CSS/CSSH Series can meet these demands in various sizes, power ratings and values.

Its latest addition is its 3637 high power shunt. The CSSH3637 is a 7W SMD current sense resistor providing a 0.3 milliohm resistance value with 100ppm TCR. This combination of low resistance, low TCR, and high power provides excellent accuracy for sensing at high power and high efficiency. The series can sense currents of up to 152A and the all-metal construction also offers very high pulse withstanding.

The series is perfect for industrial power supply controls, industrial chargers, aerospace and avionics controls, hybrid power control, and electric mobility.

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