Protecting designs with unique PVC armour cable assemblies

20-04-2022 | Amphenol | Subs & Systems

Amphenol RF has expanded its ruggedised product portfolio with new IP67 sealed BNC and TNC cable assemblies. These assemblies offer an innovative flexible PVC conduit that is utilised to wrap the length of the cable to deliver an extra layer of protection in rough environments. This unique design makes the BNC and TNC cable assemblies excellent for several industrial, defence, and commercial space applications.

BNC cable assemblies utilise high-quality connectors which offer the familiar bayonet coupling mechanism for easy mating and unmating. These connectors are constructed from machined brass and die-cast zinc with nickel plating. They provide reliable electrical performance up to 6GHz. TNC cables assemblies are built with similar materials and offer a threaded coupling mechanism to ensure stable 6GHz performance in volatile environments.

Ruggedised BNC and TNC cable assemblies are IP67 moisture-resistant and are engineered utilising the industry and defence standard RG-58 flexible cable. These 50-Ohm assemblies are available in in-series plug to plug configurations for interfaces in standard lengths from 6" to 100'. These assemblies are the most recent in a robust portfolio of ruggedised interconnect products designed for harsh environments.

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