Embedded computing engines puts smart vehicle developers in the fast lane

04-04-2022 | Congatec | Automotive Technologies

congatec has launched new rugged vehicle computing platforms for smart mobility applications in the extended temperature range. Intended to simplify and speed digitisation and autonomous driving in tough environments such as construction, transportation, logistics, and agriculture, congatec's smart mobility solutions range from computing platforms for the next generation of real-time 5G connected, unmanned, functionally safe vehicles to solutions developed for digitising the mobility kinematics of existing fleets. The goal is to deliver highly accurate orientation data to improve situational awareness and ultimately optimise autonomous vehicles' movement and operation.

Mobility OEMs and their tier 1 suppliers must attack a assortment of tasks when creating the next generation of smart autonomous mobility controllers: They need to integrate vision and multiple other sensors for gathering situational raw data, plus implement data preprocessing and AI to improve data analytics, and create controller logic for autonomous vehicle movement and operation. If all that wasn't enough, they also require 5G network sliced device connectivity for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-x communication. And all this must be implemented with real-time capabilities and functional safety.

"congatec positions itself as the embedded computing platform and ecosystem provider that supports OEMs and their tier 1 suppliers comprehensively in all these tasks, from TSN capable rugged Computer-on-Modules for the extended temperature ranges and real-time hypervisor technologies to application-ready OEM platforms provided by solution partners such as Etteplan," says Christian Eder, director marketing at congatec.

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