Next-generation reference design for automotive in-cabin wireless charging

24-03-2022 | Renesas | Automotive & Transport

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a next-generation customer reference design for automotive wireless charging stations. The new P9261-3C-CRBv2 offers industry-leading features that allow automotive manufacturers to swiftly and efficiently provide premium performance and safety features for in-cabin wireless charging.

The solution comprises the automotive-qualified wireless power controller P9261 with MP-A13 3-coils reference design as the wireless power transmitter. It provides a sizeable active charging area with high efficiency and superior EMC/EMI performance. The reference design complies with the WPC Qi 1.3 standard EPP for 15W charging. It also supports proprietary charging profiles and is capable of 50W power delivery.

The new design incorporates a Renesas RH850 automotive MCU as a host controller. This allows the system to deliver functional safety features that comply with Automotive Safety Integrity Level B (ASIL B).

The EVK can be controlled and monitored in real-time by a GUI. This GUI supplies numerical readouts of key parameters, such as the selected coil, input voltage, buck output current, transmitter status, Tx power, and bridge voltage. The GUI allows easy programming changes and can update the firmware. The GUI also supports tuning customer-specific variables connected to hardware design, such as settings for foreign object detection.

“The P9261-3C-CRBv2 reference design demonstrates why automotive customers utilize Renesas’ easy-to-use design environment to swiftly develop next-generation solutions,” said Niall Lyne, vice president, Automotive Power and Video Business Division at Renesas. “It offers the best wireless charging performance available and supports the latest safety features required by customers.”

By Natasha Shek