High-voltage cartridge fuse offers AEC-Q200 compliant overcurrent protection

30-03-2022 | Littelfuse | Passives

Littelfuse, Inc. has released the new 828 Series High-Voltage Cartridge Fuses, developed and tested to satisfy the circuit protection demands of compact automotive electronics, specifically EV applications.

These robust fuses are internal AEC-Q200 compliant, offering a high interrupting rating (10KA @ 1,000VDC), which is excellent for the OBCs and PDUs in the latest EV designs. Provided in through-hole and bolt-down versions, it is flexible for either PCB or screw-in assemblies.

“The compact 828 Series High-Voltage Cartridge Fuses are AEC-200 compliant fuse with a 1,000VDC rating in a small size,” said Style Liu, global product manager at Littelfuse. “This resulting combination of true design flexibility and robust circuit protection delivers the high reliability necessary to survive in harsh automotive electronics environments.”

By Natasha Shek