Eval board for antenna band switching performance

11-03-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Ethertronics/Kyocera AVX offers an evaluation (eval) board for antenna band switching performance, available now from Mouser. It has a size of 45.5mm x 60mm and is rated for operating temperatures spanning -40C to +85C. This board provides a battery holder to power the switch and allows the device to actively test the performance.

In addition, this evaluation board uses standard products to provide for faster time-to-market, comprising the FR4 embedded LTE antenna 1004795 and the chipset EC646 for band switching and aperture tuning.

The board provides a compact size ideal for IoT devices, M2M industrial devices, trackers, home automation, embedded designs; cellular, headsets, tablets; telematics, healthcare, smart grid, and OBD-II.