Power entry module with EMC filter adds CQC approval mark

21-02-2022 | Schurter | Subs & Systems

SCHURTER’s EC12 series Power Entry Module (PEM) has received the CQC approval mark, mandatory for PEMs with EMC filters employed in China. The widely accepted IEC Power Entry Module, with integrated C20 appliance inlet and 2-pole ON/Off switch, is ENEC approved up to 16A at 250VAC and cURus approved up to 20A at 125/250VAC.

The PEM is offered with current ratings 12, 16 and 20A for standard or medical low leakage applications. Excellent for applications with high transient loads, the switch provides a high inrush current withstand according to IEC/EN 61058-1. It is also presented with illumination and other marking options or I/O marking orientation. The appliance inlet can be specified to mate with V-Lock cord sets, which are delivered in varying lengths and country-specific plugs to safeguard against unintended disconnection.

The CQC Mark Certification is a voluntary product certification sanctioned by the CCIC to manage the process for manufacturers interested in pursuing the CCC. It is a certification system in which merchants freely participate. The voluntary product certification service (called CQC mark certification) carried out by CQC certification signifies that the product satisfies the relevant quality, safety, environmental protection, performance, and other standards by imposing the CQC mark.

By Natasha Shek