Fuses give customers the ability to satisfy energy demand efficiently and reliably

18-01-2022 | Littelfuse | Passives

Littelfuse responded to an OEM of solar power systems needs by designing the PRS series of new, improved-efficiency energy storage systems with capacities ranging from 30kW to 15kW.

The engineers selected high power IGBTs in the solar inverters to convert DC output from the solar panels to AC output for power transmission and consumption by users. IGBT power transistors minimise power loss with fast switching to maximise inverter efficiency.

The company provided information to the company on how models of their fuses comply with the IEC 6029-4 standard for fuses created to protect semiconductor devices and stop case rupture in IGBTs. Finally, it presented the advantages of their semiconductor fuse over the two competitors’ products: faster interruption time, low power consumption, remote monitoring, lower costs, and shorter lead times.

The company exceeded the OEM’s necessities with the series of high-speed semiconductor fuses for the new inverter design. The 1000VDC fuses had a 150kA DC interrupting rating, faster high-speed trip time, built-in and remote indication for monitoring, DC information on the product label for convenience, and various certifications.

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