Foil on ceramic resistors available in values down to 2 milliohms

29-12-2021 | Stackpole | Passives

High efficiency in consumer electronics has become increasingly important. This indicates lower resistance values on current sense resistors for battery and power management for portable electronics.

Stackpole Electronic's CSRF series is a foil on ceramic carrier chip resistor developed for these applications. The CSRF2512 is now offered in resistance values down to 2 milliohms. This lower value capability enables the device to manage higher current levels while reducing the overall power dissipation of the operation.

In addition to lower values, the series provides TCR down to ±50ppm, tolerances as low as 1%, and excellent stability under industry-standard performance testing.

The series is rated at 2W and is offered in resistance values from 2 milliohms to 560 milliohms.

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