All-in-one embedded vision platform has new tools and functions

11-11-2021 | IDS | Subs & Systems

At IDS, image processing with AI does not just mean that it runs directly on cameras and users also have huge design options through vision apps. Rather, with the IDS NXT ocean embedded vision platform, customers get all the required, coordinated tools and workflows to achieve their own AI vision applications with no prior knowledge and to run them directly on these industrial cameras. Now follows the subsequent free software update for the AI package. As well as user-friendliness, the focus is also on making AI clear and comprehensible for the user.

An all-in-one system such as NXT ocean, which has combined computing power and AI thanks to the 'deep ocean core' developed by the company, is ideal for entry into AI Vision. It needs no prior knowledge of deep learning or camera programming. The current software update makes setting up, deploying and controlling the intelligent cameras in the NXT cockpit even simpler. For this purpose, an ROI editor is combined with which users may freely draw the image areas to be evaluated and configure, save and reuse them as custom grids with multiple parameters. Also, the new tools Attention Maps and Confusion Matrix demonstrate how the AI works in the cameras and what decisions it performs. This serves to clarify the process and allows the user to evaluate the quality of a trained neural network and to develop it through targeted retraining. Data security also performs an important role in the industrial use of AI. As of the current update, communication between its cameras and system components can be encrypted through HTTPS.

The IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit provides customers with all the components required to create, train and run a neural network. As well as an NXT industrial camera with a 1.6MP Sony sensor, lens, cable and tripod adapter, the package incorporates six months' access to the AI training software IDS NXT Lighthouse.

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