High-frequency antenna connectors with reduced footprints

04-10-2021 | Hirose | Subs & Systems

Hirose has reduced the size of its 2.5GHz high-frequency antenna connector to provide notable space savings in automotive antenna systems. Using a one-step crimp termination design, the GT21 Series antenna connector also lessens assembly time and cost. The crimp termination design also allows the cable assembly to be completed without touching the centre conductor, which offers precise centre conductor positioning and consistent operation.

The antenna connector series employs a highly reliable locking mechanism to handle the shock and vibration generally found in automotive applications. With a lock strength of 98N, the lock emits a clear tactile click when correctly mated. A lock confirmation window further stops incomplete mating.

The rugged connector is offered in three termination variations, including a pin-through hole version, an SMT version and an in-line version. The antenna connector supports single coaxial, two-port, three-port and four-port cable terminations. The single coaxial version is provided in four colour-coded keying options.

“Out-performing industry-standard FAKRA connectors in high-frequency characteristics, the GT21 not only offers superior performance compared to competing products but also space-savings up to 37%,” said Mark Kojak, VP of Sales and Marketing for Hirose Electric USA. “The GT21 Series also reduces assembly time and total cost of ownership.”

The series is rated for exposure to shock and vibration, sulfur dioxide, high humidity and thermal shock. The antenna connector has an operating temperature of -40C to +105C.

By Natasha Shek