Emergency lighting control for safety-critical applications

01-10-2021 | DALI Alliance | Lighting Technologies

The DALI Alliance has increased its highly successful DALI-2 certification program to incorporate control gear for self-contained emergency lighting. Targeting device interoperability, DALI-2 certification is developed on open, international standards.

Its emergency lighting is extensively used as a robust and reliable solution that satisfies safety-critical demands in buildings worldwide. The protocol allows integrated, digital control systems that combine illumination and emergency lighting. DALI-2 Emergency further increases interoperability of lighting-control devices and aids integration with building management systems, which can access DALI control and querying capabilities, including automated testing and reporting.

“While the industry has enjoyed the benefits of DALI emergency lighting for many years, the introduction of DALI-2 Emergency is a huge step forward,” says Paul Drosihn. “For DALI-2, the level of testing has increased dramatically, and the results are independently verified. This means that the industry can have a great deal of confidence in the interoperability of certified DALI-2 devices.”

“As a manufacturer participating in its development, we have witnessed DALI becoming widely established as a robust and trusted basis for digital control of the complete lighting system environment,” said Richard Beesley, Chief Technology Officer of Mackwell. “With the introduction of DALI-2 certification for emergency devices, we are pleased that this brings updates to the protocol that remain perfectly aligned with the safety-critical requirements of emergency lighting.”

“The improved interoperability resulting from the inclusion of Part 202 in the DALI-2 certification program will help facilitate the advanced integration of emergency lighting in building management systems,” said Mustafa Oktay, product manager LED drivers at Signify. “This represents an important step forward by the DALI Alliance.”

“Tridonic has always placed great emphasis on the interoperability of lighting technology and has therefore been an active member of the DALI Alliance from the very beginning,” said Thomas Ender, vice president of Product Marketing at Tridonic. “Contributing know-how to the industry and helping to define new standards such as Part 202 for self-contained emergency control gear are important factors in promoting interoperability. These efforts are supported by developing and launching components which comply with these industry standards.”

“The update of Part 202 now brings emergency lighting in line with other DALI-2 devices, thereby ensuring emergency lighting follows a certification process that allows for interoperability between manufacturers and giving the assurance that control companies like zencontrol can access the full features of compliant emergency lighting,” said Stewart Langdown, business development director of zencontrol. “As a company actively involved in the control and management of lighting, we feel this is a great step forward in the adoption of DALI-2 as the protocol of choice for ‘Smart Emergency’ and even smarter buildings.”

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