Integrated reference design for automotive camera systems

21-09-2021 | Renesas | Automotive Technologies

Renesas Electronics Corporation and OmniVision Technologies have introduced an integrated reference design for a high-definition automotive camera system. The new design features Renesas’ recently introduced Automotive HD Link (AHL) technology that transmits high-definition video across low-cost cables and connectors. The AHL components in the design pair with OmniVision's OX01F10 1.3MP SoC, which gives what is claimed to be the industry's best imaging performance over a broad range of challenging lighting conditions, together with a compact form factor and low power consumption.

The new RAA279971 AHL encoder and RAA279972 decoder employ a modulated analog signal to transmit the video, enabling transmission rates ten times less than needed to transmit HD signals digitally. The lower transmission rate means that UTP cables and standard low-cost connectors can be employed, as can existing conventional analog video cables and connectors. AHL can be paired with other Renesas products, such as the R-Car Automotive SoCs, RH850 MCUs, automotive PMICs, and analog components to cost-effectively achieve many safety features in practically any vehicle.

OmniVision's OX01F10 SoC integrates a high-performance 3-micron image sensor and an advanced ISP with its PureCelPlus technology for low noise, solving the automotive rearview camera) and surround view system challenges of delivering a small form factor with excellent low-light performance, ultra-low power and reduced cost while improving reliability by enabling single PCB designs.

“This reference design featuring our AHL technology combines market-leading technologies from two industry leaders,” said Niall Lyne, vice president of the Automotive Analog Power and Video Business Division at Renesas. “Together, we’re enabling an efficient and economical HD video system design for any vehicle class worldwide.”

“The 1.3MP OX01F10 provides automotive designers with the industry’s best imaging performance across a wide range of challenging lighting conditions, supporting HDR up to 120dB and high-performance ISP. The sensor features ASIL-B, which targets cost-effective solutions, along with the most compact form factor and lowest power consumption,” said Michael Wu, senior vice president of Global Sales and Marketing at OmniVision. “This reference design with Renesas takes that concept further by pairing with another high-quality, economical solution.”

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