AI-native platforms empower the industrial Edge

01-09-2021 | Advantech | Subs & Systems

Advantech has released a series of i.MX 8M Plus-based products — the RSB-3720 2.5" PICO-ITX SBC, the EPC-R3720 compact edge AI box PC system and the ROM-5722 SMARC 2.1 COM. These AI-native platforms offer up to 2.3 TOPS and empower AI and edge computing in smart vision-based edge devices that need a small footprint, low latency, high power efficiency, and advanced precision. The RSB-3720 and EPC-R3720 provide a highly integrated one-stop service with UIO40-Express, modular application-oriented I/O expansion boards, and AIM-Linux to Vision AI applications.

These solutions are powered with up to four core 1.8GHz Cortex-A53 processors supported by a Cortex-M7 co-processor for handling real-time tasks. This is accelerated by two ISPs and a dedicated NPU at up to amazing 2.3 TOPS. These provide powerful image and AI inferencing abilities whilst consuming less power than doing the calculations by the core CPUs alone. Such features enable the platform for AI applications like object detection, recognition, classification, and pose estimation. Advantech AIM-Linux modular Linux software services integrate many types of application add-ons and Edge AI inference engines/libraries mainly based on the NXP eIQ toolkit. For easy and fast start, Python-based demo programs enable AI inference utilising mainstream inference engines — including Arm NN, TensorFlow Lite and ONNX.

The company developed factory-focused AI models running on its EPC-R3720 Edge Vision AI system. These augment efficiencies by assisting calculate, monitor line productivity, and improve safety.

By Natasha Shek