Automotive four-channel backlight driver for TFT-LCD applications

25-08-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive Technologies

Maxim Integrated MAX25530 Automotive I2C-Controlled Four-Channel 150mA Backlight Driver, available now from Mouser, is intended for automotive TFT-LCD applications. The driver combines one buck-boost converter, one boost converter, two gate-driver supplies, and a boost/SEPIC converter that will power one to four strings of LEDs in the display backlight.

The source-driver power supplies of the device comprise of a synchronous boost converter and an inverting buck-boost converter that generates voltages up to +18V and down to -7V. The positive source driver can provide up to 120mA, while the negative source driver is 100mA.

The startup and shutdown sequences for all power domains are controlled employing one of the seven preset modes that are selectable via a resistor on the SEQ pin or the I2C interface.

The device is provided in a 40-pin (6mm x 6mm) TQFN package with an exposed pad and operates over the -40C to +105C ambient temperature range.

Typical applications cover automotive dashboards, central information displays, head up displays, and navigation systems.

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