Accelerated automotive OTA development with an SDK

12-08-2021 | eSync Alliance | Automotive Technologies

The eSync Alliance announces its eSync Agent SDK, a new SDK for the eSync OTA platform. This new SDK makes it easier and quicker to integrate ECUs, smart sensors and other edge devices in a vehicle with the eSync OTA data pipeline, thereby facilitating automotive OEMs and Tier 1s to swiftly configure eSync software to flawlessly fit their devices’ demands.

The new SDK is a downloadable software package that is provided to all eSync Alliance member companies. The SDK comprises a template Agent (with libraries), enabling users to produce an eSync Agent for their edge device. It incorporates eSync Client software for a PC or Raspberry Pi device to serve as the master and is licensed for installation on up to five computers. Users are able to test the OTA update functionality of their systems with a one-month hosted account on an eSync Server, which can afterwards be extended for additional months.

eSync is a software platform for creating secure bi-directional data pipelines between the Cloud and electronic end devices in vehicles. It can produce and update software and firmware OTA. It can collect real-time operational data from in-car devices such as ECUs, domain master ECUs, network gateways and smart sensors.

Mike Gardner, executive director of the eSync Alliance, said, "This new Agent SDK noticeably accelerates development processes for automakers and Tier 1s. Implementing an OTA solution in the automotive arena can be extremely complicated since there are a great variety of electronic devices on multiple networks inside the car. Integrating all of these devices and their software into a single data pipeline also requires extensive verification The eSync platform provides the standardisation required to make these tasks simpler and comes with growing industry support from the eSync Alliance."

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