New camera models for special requirements in factory automation

06-07-2021 | IDS | Test & Measurement

IDS offer three new sensors, the 12 and 20 MP Sony STARVIS and 5 MP polarisation sensor. The 12MP (IMX226) and 20.44MP (IMX183) sensors are true high performers with high resolution and low noise. For special demands, the company will also integrate the 5MP polarisation sensor IMX250MZR.

The housing of the uEye FA models, lens tubes and the screwable connectors (8-pin M12 Ethernet connector with X-coding and 8-pin Binder connector) satisfy the conditions of protection class IP65/67. The GigE cameras can be operated with 12-24V or as a PoE setup. PoE allows practical single-cable operation up to a maximum length of 100m. The cameras are generally employed for machine vision tasks in industrial plants and quality assurance. Software support is provided, for example, by the modern IDS peak SDK.

The 12MP rolling shutter sensor IMX226 (4000px x 3000px) and the 20.44MP rolling shutter sensor IMX183 (5536px x 3692px) are part of the Sony STARVIS series. Thanks to BSI technology ('back-side illumination'), they are characterised by outstanding light sensitivity and low noise. The 5MP polarisation sensor IMX250MZR also allows interesting application scenarios. It displays its strengths, particularly in low contrast or reflective light and detects scratches on surfaces or the stress distribution within transparent objects. This makes details visible that remain hidden from other sensors.

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