AI reference design for edge applications such as face identification and keyword spotting

17-06-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Maxim MAXREFDES178 Artificial Intelligence Reference Design, available now from Mouser, comprises a connectivity board based on the MAX32666 and an AI board based on two MAX78000 chips. A short 33-position flex cable connects the connectivity board and AI board. The MAX78000 is an Arm Cortex M4F microcontroller with a Convolutional Neural Network accelerator unit.

The unique energy-efficient architecture of the MAX78000 allows battery-powered AI for at the edge applications such as face identification and keyword spotting. The design is a cube camera reference design based on the MAX78000 and MAX32666 microcontrollers to assist AI at the edge device designers to expedite their proof-of-concept to the market phase.

The design includes two MAX78000 Arm Cortex M4F microcontrollers with CNN accelerator, including BLE5 wireless connectivity, and is Li-ion battery powered. It includes a colour image sensor and a digital microphone. The design provides multiple audio codecs with stereo audio input and output, colour TFT capacitive touch LCD, Micro SD connector, and onboard QSPI FLASH and QSPI SRAM.

By Natasha Shek