Low noise rubidium oscillator is ideal fit for timing applications

14-04-2021 | IQD | Subs & Systems

IQD Frequency Products, a subsidiary of the Würth Elektronik eiSos Group, is aiming its engineering expertise on producing best-in-class rubidium atomic clock oscillators. Following the recent releases of the ICPT-1 and the IQRB-4 and an extensive update on the IQRB-1, IQD can now share new data on the IQRB-3.

The IQRB-3 may be synchronised to a 1PPS signal as well as used as a 1PPS source. Furthermore, it provides excellent phase noise performance with a close-in phase noise typically at -110dBc/Hz @ 1Hz and a noise floor as low as -158dBc/Hz. It also combines tight tolerance and ±0.3ppb temperature stability (-20C to 60C) with excellent short term and long-term stability. This makes this device an ideal option for timing applications that need a very accurate frequency.

As with all the company's other high-end products, they recognise that measurements provided on a datasheet are specific to the test setup and environment; that is why they have compiled a handbook documenting the exact details for each line on the datasheet. If these don’t match a user's environment, they are happy to adapt and repeat measurements as per a user's demands.

By Natasha Shek