Embedded motor controller family targets high-temperature environments

01-03-2021 | TDK | Automotive Technologies

TDK Corporation has expanded its Micronas embedded motor controller portfolio to satisfy higher temperature applications. The HVC 4222F and HVC 4422F were produced for operating smart actuators in applications with ambient temperature conditions up to 150C. HVC 4222F provides 32k flash memory, while the HVC 4422F offers 64k flash for more complex software implementations. These high-temperature devices are aimed at applications in combustion vehicle drive trains and emerging thermal management systems in EV and HEVs.

The new high-temperature devices are part of the automotive-grade motor controller family for LIN bus connected actuators. The family combines an Arm standard microprocessor with six independent 500mA half-bridge drivers and an extensive range of extra functions to facilitate compact and cost-efficient motor-control applications. They can drive small stepper, BDC, and BLDC motors in applications with power demand up to 1A peak current.

With its high processing power, the family enables the implementation of complex motor control algorithms such as SVM for PMSM, sensor-less commutation with BEMF, and various stepper algorithms with current limiting and stall detection. Eleven GPIOs enable the integration of the company's large portfolio of hall switches or 2D/3D sensors for more precision motor control.

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