All-in-one solution ensures high-speed ICs and devices comply with PCIe Gen5

09-03-2021 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation and Tektronix provide an automated PCI Express 5.0 test solution that combines Anritsu’s Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A BERT series with Tektronix’s DPO70000SX series 70GHz Real-time Oscilloscope and automation software. The all-in-one solution supports tests of PCIe 5.0 electrical characteristics, physical-layer protocol analysis, and transmitter/receiver and LEQ tests to aid efficient development of high-speed ICs, devices, and networks employed in emerging environments, including 5G.

The companies' end-to-end solution can be swiftly configured to support needed PCIe 5.0 specifications and supports receiver jitter tolerance test, automated transmitter test, and Tx/Rx LEQ compliance test items. It includes waveform-calibration automation software with analysis function utilising event trigger and high-speed calibration between the MP1900A BERT and DPO70000SX oscilloscope to lessen test times. Cost-of-test is reduced as the solution supports PCIe 1.0-5.0 without a hardware upgrade and can upgrade to PCIe 6.0 test capability with the least hardware investment.

The Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series is a multi-channel BERT for producing and testing next-generation network interfaces, such as 200G/400G/800G Ethernet, as well as high-speed bus interfaces, incorporating PCI Express 4.0/5.0, USB3.2, USB4, and Thunderbolt.

The Tektronix DPO70000SX series 70GHz Real-time Oscilloscope links with the Anritsu MP1900A BERT as an automated PCIe Gen5 (32GT/s) Base and CEM transceiver solution. The new device receiver test automation software employs an optimisation algorithm to correct 32GT/s and 16GT/s stressed-eye waveforms to shorten test times using the leading SigTest Phoenix test tool and fast parallel processing.

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