Space-saving half-bridge for power train, motor control and DC-DC applications

26-02-2021 | Nexperia | Automotive Technologies

Nexperia offers a new series of half-bridge (high side and low side) automotive MOSFETs created in the space-saving LFPAK56D package format. The half-bridge configuration of two MOSFETS is a standard building block for many automotive applications, including motor drives and DC-DC converters. The new package offers a half-bridge solution in one device, employing 30% lower PCB area than dual MOSFETs for three-phase motor control topologies due to the elimination of PCB tracks while allowing simple AOI during production. The half-bridge uses existing high volume device assembly processes with proven automotive dependability. The package format utilises flexible leads to increase overall reliability. An internal copper clip connection between the MOSFETs simplifies PCB designs and delivers a plug and play style solution with an outstanding current handling capability of 98A.

The new half-bridge MOSFETs launched are the BUK7V4R2-40H and the BUK9V13-40H. They employ the highly robust Trench 9 automotive silicon process technology, are rated at 40V and are verified at twice the automotive AEC-Q101 specification in key tests. RDS(on) of the devices measures 4.2mOhm (BUK7V4R2) and 13mOhm (BUK9V13).

The AEC-Q101-qualified half-bridge package satisfies a wide range of three-phase automotive powertrain applications such as fuel and water pumps, motor control and DC-DC power conversion.

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