Extended temperature range platforms for edge computing

23-02-2021 | Congatec | Subs & Systems

Congatec targets customers’ ruggedisation challenges at virtual embedded world 2021. It offers extended temperature range platforms for every performance levels, from high-end COM-HPC to low power SMARC modules. The solution portfolio for COM-HPC server modules is especially notable, tackling the fact that a particularly higher TDP must be mastered for these edge computing platforms, serving a challenging task, particularly in the extended temperature range.

The driving force behind this focus is the growing demand for rugged edge and real-time fog computing technologies to aid digitisation projects in often very harsh and challenging environments. Typical application cases for these ultra-durable platforms can be seen in critical railway, road traffic and smart city infrastructures, electricity distribution networks, offshore rigs and wind parks, telecom and broadcasting networks, piping systems for the oil, gas and freshwater industries, as well as distributed surveillance and security systems. Further target markets include network-connected industrial and medical devices with IIoT/Industry 4.0 connectivity, outdoor kiosk and digital signage systems, and in-vehicle applications such as autonomous logistic vehicles.

The new platforms for harsh environments offered by the company support extreme temperature ranges from -40C to +85C, feature BGA soldered processors for shock and vibration and high EMI resistance. These can optionally be made available with conformal coating to guard the platforms against ingress from condensation, saltwater and dust.

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