Extensive portfolio of high-performance, high-reliability external antennas

05-01-2021 | AVX | Subs & Systems

AVX Corporation offers Ethertronics’ extensive range of high-performance, high-reliability external antennas developed to deliver immediate, standardised solutions for a comprehensive range of cross-market applications with challenging space, weight, and performance needs. The nine antenna series provides a broad variety of small, low-profile form factors ruggedised and environmentally sealed for service in heavy-duty and harsh-environment applications. The range also supplies optional cable connections for greater design flexibility and RoHS and REACH compliance for global utility and international compatibility.

Ideal applications for the nine external antenna series spread across the automotive, agricultural, industrial, networking, medical, energy, retail, and transportation industries and POS terminals, IoT devices, telematics, digital signage, smart grids, smart homes, logistics, tracking, and industrial devices.

“Ethertronics’ new range of external antennas leverages a combination of advanced satellite and wireless communication technologies to deliver outstanding performance designed to meet widespread cross-market demand for ruggedised solutions in harsh-environment applications extending across the industrial and transportation industries,” said Alexander Hall, field applications engineer, AVX. “By offering a variety of standard antenna products, we can provide engineers with significant cost- and time-savings, eliminate the need for design fees, reduce cycle times, and hasten time to market.”

The range of compact and low-profile, high-performance, high-reliability external antennas is optimised to offer rapid, standardised solutions for an extensive range of demanding harsh-environment applications.

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