Compostable electrostatic dissipating anti-corrosion film available now

06-01-2021 | | Subs & Systems

EcoCortec has released what it claims is the world’s first Eco-Corr Film ESD – biodegradable, compostable static dissipative films and bags powered by 'Nano' VpCI.

This latest film technology is aimed mainly at electronics, packaging, telecommunications, and electric car industries seeking environmentally friendly packaging solutions. In anticipation of new EU regulations penalising sales of non-recyclable plastic packaging materials, the company is offering a revolutionary, commercially compostable alternative to conventional polyethylene ESD films.

The company's ESD products are high performance anti-static, corrosion inhibiting films and bags aimed at disposal in a commercial composting environment. They are created for use in the protection of static sensitive multi-metal items such as electronics. The film possesses permanent anti-static properties to immediately decrease or eliminate static build-up as long as the films or bags are in use, independent of the presence of humidity. It forms a molecular corrosion inhibiting layer on metal substrates and does not interfere with the chemical or physical properties of electronic components. The film and bags supersede conventional rust preventatives such as oils and desiccants and permit the film to be utilised immediately without cleaning or degreasing.

The product is commercially compostable, indicating that when the film is placed in a typical commercial composting environment, it will decompose within months. The exact time depends on the conditions and activity of the disposal environment. Eco-Corr Film ESD is shelf-stable and will not break down prematurely until disposed of in a proper composting environment.

By Natasha Shek