80V RETs for 48V automotive and other higher voltage bus circuits

15-01-2021 | Nexperia | Automotive Technologies

Nexperia offers what is claimed to be industry’s first 80V RET family. These new RETs or ‘digital transistors’ offer enough headroom for employment in 48V automotive board net (eg, mild hybrid and EV cars) and other higher voltage circuits which are frequently subjected to large spikes and pulses that previous 50V parts cannot handle.

RETs save space and decrease manufacturing costs by consolidating the bias resistor and bias-emitter resistor in the same SOT23 (250mW Ptot) or SOT323 (235mW Ptot) package as the transistor. Double RETs (two transistors and two matching bias resistors and bias-emitter resistors) are also offered in the SOT363 package with a Ptot of 350mW for even better integration and savings.

The new series (NHDTx and NHUMx) includes 42 parts with PNP/NPN combinations. These come with the same bias resistor combinations as the company's 50V parts. Devices have a 100mA current capability and are AEC-Q101-approved.

Frank Matschullat, product group manager at Nexperia, comments: “Design engineers working on new EV applications can future-proof their systems with confidence by using Nexperia’s new RETs to simplify circuit design, save PCB space, reduce pick and place time and increase reliability. As well as 48V automotive circuit driver applications, general-purpose switching and amplification and other digital systems will benefit from these new high voltage devices.”

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