Two-wire hall effect switches deliver high sensitivity and stable performance

29-12-2020 | Diodes Inc | Automotive Technologies

Diodes Incorporated has released a family of automotive-compliant, two-wire unipolar (AH323xQ/4xQ) and latch (AH327xQ/8xQ) switch ICs that offer high sensitivity and high stability over broad operating voltage and temperature ranges. The ICs are for employment in automotive proximity- and position-sensing applications, such as power window, seatbelt buckle, gear selector and seat position. The adoption of two-wire hall switches decreases the number of wires needed in the harness, saving on system complexity and cost whilst enhancing robustness to electrical noise.

The devices include integrated self-diagnostics which constantly monitor the main device blocks, supply voltage, and temperature. A third output state warns of any abnormal condition. The devices are ISO 26262 ASIL-B ready, having been created utilising rigorous design processes with safety analysis conducted in accordance with the ISO 26262 standard.

The company adopted an advanced chopper stabilised design, which delivers superior stability of the magnetic operating and release points (BOP/BRP) over the 2.7V to 27V operating voltage and -40C to +150C temperature range. This stability, together with a high ESD rating of 8kV, built-in reverse blocking diode, and supply pin Zener clamp, allows the series to satisfy the demanding demands of automotive proximity/position-sensing applications.

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