Liquid-cooled on-board inverter battery charger for HEV or full EVs

18-12-2020 | Bel Power | Automotive Technologies

Bel Power Solutions has launched the BCL25-700-8, a 22/25kW bi-directional liquid-cooled on-board inverter battery charger with export functionalities for HEV or full EV vehicles, as well as medium and heavy-duty on- and off-highway vehicles. The device is parallelable up to four units in charge mode, with typical efficiency of up to 94%.

With the device, it is feasible to connect this inverter charger straight to an EVSE charging station or for connection directly to the public grid (Single-Phase: 190-264VAC or Three-Phase 330-528VAC) to charge HV batteries. The output voltage covers a broad assortment of HV batteries in the range from 240VDC to 800VDC with a constant output current of 60A. When not running from the engine, but running from the HV batteries, the user is also able to export up to 22/25kW (400VAC/50Hz or 480VAC/60Hz) to power all your three-phase AC equipment. Further highlights include active HVDC interlock monitoring, with overtemperature, output overvoltage and overcurrent protections, and an operating coolant temperature of -40C to +60C at full power, and up to 50% power at +75C and operating ambient temperature +80C.

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