Extended range of network appliance platforms to serve 5G and WiFi 6 applications

14-10-2020 | Portwell | Subs & Systems

Portwell has released new product lines in its Advanced Network Solutions (ANS) family of computing platforms for SD-WAN appliances.

The new products provide the high throughput and connectivity options needed to support the challenging necessities of 5G cellular and Wi-Fi 6 applications. Both the ANS-2141/42 and the ANS-8A64P are compact rack-mount units – two will fit side-by-side in a 1U slot.

The new IPC platforms, based on an Intel Atom processor, are backed by software support to ease implementation in SD-WAN system designs, comprising DPDK, Open vSwitch and a PoE+ API. The software incorporates sample code for a software switch.

The ANS-2141 is based on the Apollo Lake x5-E3940 version of the Intel Atom processor with four cores, and the ANS-2142 on the x5-E3930 with two cores.

The new ANS-8A64P is a computing platform for SD-WAN appliances based on the Intel Atom Denverton (C3000 series) processor offering four or eight cores. Providing a compact design and rich connections, it gives the high data throughput needed for usage in network distribution systems as well as in data centres. It is also appropriate as a platform for edge computing applications in the factory, office, data centre and elsewhere.

By Natasha Shek