Transceivers provide robust system-level immunity to EMC standards

03-09-2020 | Analog Devices | Semiconductors

Analog Devices ADM276xE Transceivers are 500kbps, 5.7kVrms, signal isolated RS-485 transceivers that pass radiated emissions that test the EN 55032, Class B standard with margin. These transceivers provide compliancy to the RS-485 and RS-422 communication standards. The transceivers are optimised for low speed over extended cable runs and provide a maximum data rate of 500kbps. These transceivers offer an isolation barrier that gives robust system-level immunity to IEC 61000-4-x system-level Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards. The transceiver provides a receiver cable invert pin to enable quick correction of the reversed cable connection on the A and B receiver bus pins.

The transceivers operate at 1.7V to 5.5V and 3V to 5.5V input voltage ranges on VDD1 and VDD2 supply voltages respectively. These transceivers operate at -40C to 125C temperature range. The transceivers provide half-duplex and full-duplex device options in the industry standard. These transceivers are supplied in 16-lead, wide-body, standard SOIC_W package with 8.3mm creepage and clearance. The high differential output voltage of the transceivers make it ideal for PROFIBUS nodes when powered with 5V on the VDD2 supply.

Applications include electrical test and measurement, solar inverters, HVAC networks, industrial field buses, and building automation.

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