Extensive portfolio of high-performance and high-efficiency patch antennas

24-09-2020 | AVX | Subs & Systems

AVX Corporation offers its extensive portfolio of high-performance, high-efficiency patch antennas optimised to satisfy demanding connectivity and miniaturisation necessities in wireless applications throughout the automotive, industrial, medical, networking, energy, consumer electronics, and transportation industries.

Ethertronics’ embedded on-board patch antennas have small, low-profile form factors in achieving both decreased ground plane and keep-out area size needs for better design flexibility and higher efficiency, gain, and directivity characteristics from 1.5-2.4GHz for reliable connectivity with greater return loss and minimal interference. The range is also RoHS compliant and offered with optional cable connections, multiple feed points, and adhesive with through-hole solder pin mounting options.

Ideal applications include wireless electronics spanning wearables, IoT devices, gateways, and access points to PoS terminals, telematics, tracking systems, on-board diagnostics, connected vehicles, digital signage, and machine-to-machine communications.

“Ethertronics’ range of embedded on-board patch antennas provides OEMs with exceptional performance, efficiency, and reliability in small, low-profile form factors designed to satisfy widespread, cross-market demands for size and weight savings,” said Alexander Hall, field applications engineer, AVX. “Ethertronics’ offer improved design flexibility by way of reduced ground plane and keep-out area size requirements and reliable connectivity with higher efficiency, gain, and directivity characteristics, better return loss and minimal interference from 1.5-2.4GHz.”

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